Tips on Driving When the Weather Stinks

You’ve just washed your car and have planned that little getaway for the weekend, what a time to be alive. There’s just one problem–the weather. It could be one of those days where everything else is perfect but it just so happens that you’re maybe in for some heavy rain, fog, and everything in between. It happens to the best of us when we least expect it. And we say best of us, we’re talking about experienced drivers who have a great track record of avoiding accidents. Even for them, things can get hairy. That’s why today we have some great tips on safe driving during terrible weather conditions. 

Driving in Bad Traffic

The pouring rain that outperforms your windshield wipers can be scary and overwhelming. What’s worse is when you have to deal with bad and chaotic traffic on top of that. When it comes to driving in such conditions be sure to:

  • Keep your distance from other cars.
  • Stay calm and avoid offensive driving.
  • Take as much time as possible to switch lanes. 

How to Drive at Night

What’s worse than driving in terrible weather conditions? Driving in those conditions at night. It can reduce your vision, make blind spots worse, and create a level of panic in drivers that you don’t typically see in the daytime. You should apply all the above tips, but more importantly, if you feel tired–pull over. Fatigue is one of the top causes for accidents. When driving at night, you also want to remove any distractions in your car and remain as alert as possible. 

Bad Weather? Change Up Your Style

Sometimes, even in bad weather, it’s easy to forget that you have to change your driving style. But the truth is, you have to remind yourself to drive with caution. Bad weather is not like regular driving conditions and shouldn’t be treated as such. 

Fog Driving

Sometimes the only thing worse than rain and night driving is the heavy fog to reduce your view even more so. There are two things to remember when driving in the fog and that’s driving slow and keeping your fog lights on. When you speed in the fog, it’ll be too late to slow down by the time that you catch danger. Slow is always the way to go in fog. 

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