Sarasota Cruisers: Put the Phone Down and Enjoy the Drive this April!

Here at Scotti’s Auto Sales, we’re all about the joy of cruising down Sarasota’s beautiful streets in a head-turning pre-owned luxury car. But with that joy comes a responsibility – the responsibility to drive safely. That’s why we want to remind everyone that April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month!

Distracted driving is a serious issue, and it’s not just about texting and driving.  Anything that takes your eyes off the road or your mind off driving can be a distraction, increasing your risk of an accident. This includes:

  • Using your phone: Texting, talking on the phone (even hands-free!), or using navigation apps can all be dangerous.
  • Eating and drinking: Spills happen, and fumbling for food can take your eyes off the road.
  • Grooming: Fixing your makeup or hair while driving is a recipe for disaster.
  • Adjusting the stereo or climate control: Fiddling with knobs and buttons can take your focus away from the road.
  • Talking to passengers: Engaging in lively conversations can be distracting, especially with excited kids in the back.

While April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, safe driving habits are essential year-round. Here at Scotti’s Auto Sales, we want to help you make Sarasota’s roads safer. So, how can you be a part of the solution?

  • Put your phone away! Before you even start the car, silence your phone or put it in a place where you can’t reach it while driving.
  • Designate a “distraction-free zone” in your car. This could be the front passenger seat where someone else can handle calls or texts.
  • Be a good passenger. If you’re riding with someone who’s distracted, speak up politely and remind them to focus on the road.
  • Lead by example. When you’re behind the wheel of one of our beautiful pre-owned luxury cars, focus on the driving experience! Enjoy the Sarasota scenery, feel the power of the engine, and appreciate the comfort and style of your car.

Distracted driving is preventable. By working together, we can all make Sarasota’s roads safer for everyone. So this April, put the phone down, buckle up, and experience the joy of driving a Scotti’s Auto Sales pre-owned luxury car the way it was meant to be experienced – with focus and appreciation for the open road. You can find us located at 2811 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota.

Happy cruising, Sarasota!

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