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Buying a Used Truck? These 5 Rule the Worksite

Work trucks are no longer what they used to be.  We now get all the luxuries of sedans, SUVs, and minivans from comfier seats to tricked-out navigation and sound systems.  It makes the need for a work truck to be a separate mode of transportation from your daily driver a thing of the past!  Here at Scotti’s Auto Sales, we know the value of a pre-owned truck and are here to let you know what our top five picks are.

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Make Your Florida Vehicle Last Longer with These Tips

Whether you purchased your car, truck, or van brand new or previously owned, we know how important it is that it lasts for years to come!  Here at Scotti’s Auto Sales, we love helping our customers find the ride of their dreams, so of course, we also know the ins and outs of keeping your new baby running smoothly no matter how many miles you rack up!  Read on to learn about our top tips to make your car last longer.

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Car Maintenance That Can Prevent a Florida Auto Accident

The dissipation of winter and the arrival of spring means that a time for cleaning and rejuvenation is in the air. While this means spring cleaning for some, it means tuning up their vehicles with routine maintenance for others. Routine repairs are one of the most important things about owning a vehicle. Having them performed makes certain that your investment provides you with a return and several years of uninterrupted service. 

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The Excellence of the Lamborghini Gallardo

What do you think of when someone mentions Lamborghini? Do you think of the high-octane performance? Maybe a design that takes style and aesthetic to a level that many dreams of? Perhaps you think of the reputation that the Italian-based manufacturer has cultivated over the years. When it comes to the Lamborghini Gallardo, all these attributes and more are certainly appropriate. The Gallardo is what happens when a company thinks outside the box and places ambition above everything else when they go to the drawing board. 

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Finding the Ideal Family Car

My, my, how things have changed. If you were alive in the 1980s and 90s, you probably see the words “ideal family vehicle” and immediately think of minivans and station wagons and their shall we say, less than aesthetically pleasing designs. Fear not, consumers. Just because a vehicle is ideal for family life, it no longer means being, dull, boring, and complacent with being a part of the “no-frills” crowd. Today’s vehicles intended for consumers with kids are a lot more interesting and pleasing than they once were. We’ve taken a few moments to provide some options. 

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Why You Should Own a 2016 BMW 4 Series

For many car enthusiasts and owners alike, the letters BMW need little to no introduction. For decades, the German-based manufacturer has symbolized precision engineering, high octane performance, and unsurpassed luxury. For the average consumer, the various models and trim lines feel out of reach and are made for only an elite class of people. Nonsense. Owning a 2016 BMW 4 Series 2016 4 series is well within your reach at Scotti’s Auto Sales. And if you need further convincing, we’re about to break down the advantages of owning one…