Tips for Driving in Construction Zones

Your friends here at Scotti’s Auto Sales wanted to give our readers a few tips on driving in areas that can be a little tricky; specifically, construction areas. Here are 8 ways to stay safe and keep calm:

Mind You Speed

Always stay within the posted speed limit. In truth, it wouldn’t hurt to even go a tick or two below it. 

Follow Flaggers’ Instruction

Those workers are out there for a reason; to keep you, other drivers, and the workers safe.

Stay Alert and Watch for Signs

Conditions can change with the weather, unexpected events, or anything else. Watch for updates to the signs.

Practice Defensive Driving

While this should always be the way you drive, it is especially wise in construction zones.

Always Be On the Lookout for Anything

Anything from flying debris to a worker in the road to equipment accidents can happen in these areas at any time.

Employ the “Take10” Technique for Lane Switching

Activate your turn signal for 3 seconds, minimum, while also checking your mirrors. If clear, take at least 7 seconds to complete the lane change.

Obey All Posted Signs and Rules Until You’re Clear of the Construction Area

This one should be obvious. But many drivers take note of the first post they see regarding speed or other things, and then begin to ignore subsequent ones. 

Stay Patient and Get Ready for Delays

No matter how inconvenient it may be, sometimes this traffic just isn’t going to move for a while. Take it easy and breathe.

At Scotti’s Auto Sales, we want to make sure that not only are our local neighbors and customers safe in construction zones but everywhere else as well. That starts with having a quality, dependable, and affordable vehicle. Stop by and we would be glad to help you find yours. 

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