Taking a ‘Brake’ from the Heat: Automotive Performance in the Summer

There’s no doubt that summer is the perfect time to plan that long awaited trip. No matter where the destination might be or what you’re driving—the time to let your hair down and hit the road is here. But before you fill up your gas tank and load your car with snacks, you should be aware of how the summer sun can affect your car’s performance. While your engine overheating and a functional air conditioner might be the first things that immediately come to mind—the weather can also have a profound impact on your car’s braking system. 

The explanation of this occurrence is a simple matter of physics. Because brakes work by applying pressure, a substantial amount of friction is generated. When someone is cold, a normal reaction to the sudden drop in temperature is to rub their hands together. This exercise is an easy way to explain the fundamentals of friction creating heat. The brakes in your car operate in a very similar way. Every time a brake pad makes contact with a wheel, friction is caused and heat is generated. Depending upon what temperature you’re driving in, the heat can be amplified considerably. An excessive amount of heat can cause brake fluid to overheat and even bring it to a boil. Naturally, this has an adverse effect on your brakes being able to function properly. 

Now that you know about the correlation between the rising temperature and your brakes functioning properly, you might be wondering how to avoid encountering a serious issue while you’re on the road. Like most drivers, you’re probably already in the habit of getting periodic maintenance performed on your car. While getting an oil change is routine, having your tires balanced and your brakes serviced is just as important. When the weather starts to warm up outside and you heed the call of the open road, getting these services done will ensure that no matter where you go, you’ll get there, safe and secure. 

Because safety is most important—Scotti’s Auto Sales is dedicated to providing the very best in quality and customer service to all motorists in the Sarasota area. No matter what brand you’re looking for, foreign or domestic, financing is available for all credit types and all vehicles come with a free inspection prior to purchase. Scotti’s also has its own repair center located close to the dealership, which provides added assurance and peace of mind—which is something you can’t put a price tag on. 

Both facilities are located in Sarasota. Our dealership can be found at 2811 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, whereas our repair center is on 3855 S. Tuttle Avenue.  We look forward to serving you!