Car Maintenance That Can Prevent a Florida Auto Accident

The dissipation of winter and the arrival of spring means that a time for cleaning and rejuvenation is in the air. While this means spring cleaning for some, it means tuning up their vehicles with routine maintenance for others. Routine repairs are one of the most important things about owning a vehicle. Having them performed makes certain that your investment provides you with a return and several years of uninterrupted service. 

Tire Pressure Maintenance

While this is common knowledge, you might not be aware that certain repairs can help prevent an accident. Today we’ll be examining three that can be beneficial while you’re out and on the road this spring. 

Faulty Lights 

Springtime means students all over the country will be frolicking for an entire week, sometimes unsupervised. Because this sometimes occurs when the sun goes down, having functional headlights can be one of the best tools in accident prevention. Nighttime driving can also be incredibly stressful for an unseasoned driver. Making sure your lights are in working order can make all the difference. 

Substantial Tire Pressure 

While we tend to think of routine maintenance as mechanical, there’s much more to this yearly routine than what’s under the hood or connected to the drivetrain. While many vehicles come with a tire pressure monitoring system, maintaining the structural integrity of your tires is one of the most important responsibilities that you have as a driver. Getting them rotated and making sure they’re at the necessary pressure will make sure that you can brake effectively. Check them twice a month, depending upon how far you drive daily. 

Staying on Top of Fluids 

Your car is a mass of moving parts. In order for all of them to function properly, they need to be properly lubricated so friction doesn’t cause them to overheat. During the warmer weather, this is of the utmost importance. The fluid that allows your engine to remain cool, your transmission to function, and your brakes to work are all important. An unexpected malfunction of any one of these while driving can lead to a possible accident. Keep your fluids checked and topped off, and changed whenever necessary. 

At Scotti’s Auto Sales, we pride ourselves on the vehicles we sell and the service we have to offer. We all call Florida home and should exercise both caution and responsibility whenever we’re on the road. We welcome you to visit us today at 2811 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota!